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Our practice had some struggling pains at the beginning. How to get more clients, how to get paid by the insurance company more regularly, how to get things done. And the list went on. And then we started doing this. We realized we could not do everything. We had a “small mentality”. We felt small so we acted small. We did not think we could let go of any task. We needed to do it all. So we stayed small.

Then we decided to outsource our insurance billing. This practice management expert became the best investment we ever made. She helps us get so much more done in our practice because we are NOT doing that job. We had already outsourced the office cleaning job. The wise decision to do this was not as extravagant as it sounds and how much and when the cleaning takes place depends on the specific office and the needs of that office. Yes, we have more than one office location. That should have knocked us out of the “feeling small” from the beginning.

Another way we stepped up to a bigger mentality, is that we made it easier to be paid. We added different ways for our patients to pay us which included taking credit and debit cards. Letting the patients know how to pay so that they did not have to ask was important. We use several ways to communicate it. Seems simple but it is a big one.

How are you staying small? I do not mean that you can't be a small practice with simple procedures and policies in your office/practice day-to-day running.
I'm talking about:

  • Growing your income.
  • Growing and preserving your physical, mental and emotional energy to do the things you started the practice to do.

The top priority for you may be treating your patients and marketing your practice. Preserving your energy for those things is the first thing for “self care” and growing your income.

Watch for these other things:

  • Value your services: Do you offer too many discounts?
  • Do you understand your expenses in doing business but are stuck in the corner because you are doing your own billing yourself every night?
  • Are you turning down a next step for marketing because it sounds too big?

George Bernard Shaw said, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why men dread it”.
We love the freedom of private practice but we want to take the responsibility down to the bone. Take the responsibility for taking some bigger steps.

I offer a 30 minute complimentary phone call to see if you could benefit from knowing how to make some big steps. Fall still has some open spots so sign up soon!

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