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Seriously, I am happy and thankful. I don’t take one patient or filled session lightly. In fact this past week, I feel I was given a gift. With new little twin patients with Autism, their insurance companies agreed with their diagnosing physician and me. They gave us three sessions a week for the first certification period. It is a gift.

But I will tell you that the excitement this caused literally kept my brain spinning on the scheduling and getting their programs started. It kept spinning all that first night. In my brain. While I slept. It feels like my week blew up a little.

Though I try to get things done throughout my day, I do not have my schedule designed to complete the visit notes and on the EMR system by the end of the day.

So, it comes home with me. Here are some things I’ve learned about having too much work that it follows me home.

  • I budget my time at home in the evenings. I don’t even start my “home work” until a certain time. All of the time leading up to “that time”, is “my time”. My time includes: dinner, relaxing, walking my dog, family things.
  • I don’t try to get it all done each night. Some nights are busier than others and some days are busier than others. I might come home with more sessions to notate. I allow only a certain amount of time and then I stop.
  • I stop 1 hour before I go bed. This is based on current research for good, healthy sleep and not allowing screen time to get in the way of my rest.
  • I have figured out which of my patients are quicker to write about and I do them first. That helps my list clear out faster.
  • I make myself as comfortable as possible: jammies, good television and nice, cool water to drink. (Or hot tea as the weather dictates)

For those of you that then come home and bill your own charges, I salute you! Thankfully, that is something I have delegated to a billing specialist. That relieves my whole process and I highly recommend it as soon as you can manage it budget-wise. It’s also important to find someone highly skilled at billing. Sigh. Letting something go.

The hardest boss you work for is yourself. So be a good boss.

  • How could you organize what happens during the day to help your work not follow you home?
  • How could you tame that work to not control you at home?
  • What could you outsource or make your process for streamlined?

I hope you will find ways to save time for the things in your life that matter most.

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