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Look back at last week and recall that non billable streams of income are healthy for the finances of your practice. Non billable income is not billing “codes” or “insurance” for your services.

Here are more categories of streams of income:

  • Related services: When I introduce these ideas some therapists may think this is not “their thing”. But, if it brings in streams of income it can become a related specialty. Examples of these are accent reduction, study strategies, test taking strategies, and reading instruction. Many large SLP practices offer these services with excellent results. These services would be considered non-billable as most cannot be attached to codes. It all depends of the diagnosis and the insurance policies involved.

A great way to research this is to look on line at some large private practices in different regions of the country. Look at their websites and see what they are doing. I bet you find some related services!

Other streams of income would be to seek out contracts to charter schools, smaller rural schools, or private schools.

As you think of other streams of income and then what could be billable and what could be non-billable, you may actually discover some great possibilities for non-billable you had never considered.


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